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    “If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” -T.D. Jakes


    Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by! I’m Michelle Taylor Greene, the founder of Wholistic Style, a wellness & lifestyle brand that promotes holistic, natural & sustainable living and empowers & inspires others to change their narrative and live a healthier & happier lifestyle.


    I’m also a mental health & wellness advocate, speaker, passionate vegan, DIY enthusiast, Webmaster at NAMI Urban Los Angeles, an aspiring Holistic Nutritionist, and a creative artist who dabbles in photography, web design, music, writing, & spoken word. Most days you can find me in the kitchen cooking up delicious plant-based meals, attending vegan festivals, or making my own natural beauty, body & cleaning products.


    I’m looking forward to sharing my creative work, projects, musings, wellness journey, and vegan adventures with all of you. To stay connected and be the 1st to learn about my upcoming services, DIY workshops, cooking demos & classes, events, free giveaways, tips & tutorials, sign up with my email list and follow me on social media. Until then eat well, live well, and be well. 🌸

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    All Natural DIY Projects - Playlist

    Why buy products that contain harmful & toxic ingredients when you can make your own and for a lot less money? What we put on our bodies & use in our households are just as important to what we put into our bodies. I love making my own all natural products because I can control all the ingredients I use, and I know it’s safer for me, my family & the environment.

    Health & Wellness - Playlist

    All things health, mental health, and wellness related.

    Go Vegan! - Playlist

    All things vegan... cooking demos, vegan food, vegan finds, reviews, adventures, projects, and more!

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